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An Ever Expanding Market

One of the biggest developments in the fine wine market over the last decade is the shift of focus from Bordeaux to now including an ever-growing list of wine-producing regions from around the world. There was a point, not too long ago,…
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The Price Always Goes Up | John Kapon of Acker Wines

In this episode of The Cult & Boutique Show, Daniel is joined by the CEO of Acker Wines, John Kapon.  Acker Wines has grown to become the most successful fine wine auction house on the scene. Last year saw Acker set another plethora of…
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Everyone Wants To Enjoy Wine | Stephanie Barnett | 67 Pall Mall

Stephanie Barnett of 67 Pall Mall, a private members club for wine lovers, dropped by to chat with Daniel about the club's inclusive approach to membership and its aim to create a rich mix of members from different generations and walks of life.
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Hermitage & Hendrix | Jeff Leve of Wine Cellar Insider

Daniel is joined on the show by Jeff Leve, Founder and Editor of the hugely popular Wine Cellar Insider. Jeff explains his love for the wines of Bordeaux, Rhone Valley & California, and breaks down his theories and feelings surrounding…
Cult and Boutique Wine Management

The Benefits of Tangible Assets

The current economic climate has led most to focus attention on personal finances and the performance of investment portfolios.  The majority of both high net worth and retail investors' investment pots...
cult and boutique wine managementcult and boutique wine management

A Close Look at Burgundy

Burgundy has dominated the fine wine market for many years and its success is largely a result of the minuscule production quantities of the region’s elite wines.  The supply and demand nature of the wine market has helped to elevate the region’s premium wines to...
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Arrive App | Hans Manku

Last year we had an interesting chat with local businessman and Founder of London based taxi app Arrive. Aiming to offer the user more transparency and choice, Hans explains the principles behind Arrive and discusses his inspirations, passions and thoughts...
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The Show Must Go On | Hannah Tovey | London Wine Fair

Director of the London Wine Fair Hannah Tovey joined us in December 2020 to speak about the challenges they have faced over the last year and gives a sneak peek at what's in store for the fair's 40th anniversary show.
Jamie Street

A Year Like No Other

The wine market entered 2020 full of gusto and positivity but as the bizarre events of the year began to unfurl, the market’s direction for the coming year initially looked uncertain. One thing we knew for sure is that wine had a history of...
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Véronique Sanders | Chateau Haut-Bailly

Véronique Sanders, President of the world-renowned Chateau Haut-Bailly joined us on the show to share their approach to winemaking, her family's history at the chateau and surviving the challenging 2019 En Primeur campaign. Véronique has…
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Dream, Declare, Deliver - Cristie Norman - Sommelier & Wine Educator

Wine educator and sommelier Cristie Norman joins us from LA to speak about her online wine courses, setting up the United Sommeliers Foundation and her passion for wine. We also discuss some of the personal challenges she has faced, diversity…
cult and boutique wine managementcult and boutique wine management

Dream, Declare, Deliver – Cristie Norman – Sommelier & Wine Educator - Full Transcript (Auto)

Full Auto Transcript [00:00:00] Hi, welcome to the Cult & Boutique show. My name is Daniel Patterson. I'm very excited to be joined by one of the brightest, most passionate, innovative people on the wine scene. She's the president of…
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Finding The Next Wine Superstar - Zoran Ristanovic of City Wine Collection

Zoran Ristanovic joins us on The Cult and Boutique Show. We caught up with Zoran Ristanovic, Managing Director and Wine Buyer for Richmond-based City Wine Collection, who dropped by to tell us about growing up in Bosnia, viticulture &…
Cult and Boutique Wine Management LimitedCult and Boutique Wine Management Limited

Finding The Next Wine Superstar - Zoran Ristanovic - Full Transcript (Auto)

Full Auto-Transcript Cult and Boutique (00:00): Hi there. Welcome to the Cult and Boutique Show, uh, with us today is a guest who happens to be a neighbour of ours. Um, his name is Zoran. He works for sissy wine collections, and he's here…
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Under The Hammer - Mark Robertson - Head of Wine at Dreweatts Auctioneers

After spending two decades working with Justerini & Brooks, Emirates Airlines and Goedhuis & Co., Mark Robertson joined the Dreweatts Wine department as a consultant in 2017. Working at the sharp end of the wine market, Mark has been…
Cult and Boutique Wine ManagementCult and Boutique Wine Management

Under The Hammer - Mark Robertson of Dreweatts - Full Transcript (Auto)

Full Auto-Transcript [00:00:00] Hi. Welcome to the Cult and boutique show. Joining me today via Putney Bridge to collect a '66 Chateau Latour jeroboam [00:00:12] It's none other than Mark Robertson head of Dreweatt's wine department. Mark,…
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The Wine List

There's no denying that we are living in interesting times but it's at times like this that local businesses can recognise the benefits of working closely with one another. Cult & Boutique's Managing Director Enzo Giannotta paid a visit…
Cult Boutique Wine ManagementCult Boutique Wine Management

A Helping Hand

We were recently lucky enough to try an interesting wine from Adelaide Hills producer Bird In Hand. The 2010 'Nest Egg' Cabernet Sauvignon was part of a small parcel of rare library vintages made available through the UK’s Majestic to…
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John Worontschak of Litmus Wines & Ginking

Winemaker John Worontschak visits The Cult & Boutique Show to talk about Litmus Wines, Ginking and his global adventures in winemaking.  Having worked in just about every winemaking region you could think of over the years, John had some…
Cult & Boutique Wine Management LimitedCult & Boutique Wine Management Limited

John Worontschak of Litmus Wines - Full Transcript (Auto)

Welcome to another episode of the Cult & Boutique Show, it has been a while, but, um, you know, good things come to those who wait. And fortunately, today we...
Cult & Boutique Wine ManagementCult & Boutique Wine Management

Rhone Valley Rarities

Based in south-east France, the Rhône Valley runs from north to south following the meander of the Rhône river. Spanning around 150 miles in total, the region is home to many different micro climates and soil types and is split into two distinct…