The Importance of Good Storage


The physical condition of stock is one of the biggest influences on a wine’s value


Our longer standing clients would have recently received storage invoices for 2018 and we thought we would take this opportunity to offer some detailed information on the quality of storage that we provide, the processes involved and the importance of good storage for fine wine.

We use the services of London City Bond’s Vinotheque facility in Burton-upon-Trent. Unlike many other bonded warehouses available, Vinotheque is dedicated to the storage of fine wines only, which offers a more mindful approach to handling and storage of your wine.

If you’re a stickler for security you should be impressed with the steps that are taken to protect your portfolio. Your wines are stored in a private reserve within our account, under your unique client reference and full name, so your wines are not deemed as part of Cult & Boutique or LCB’s assets. In addition to this, Vinotheque’s state of the art security system, which includes movement detectors, infrared beams, security cameras and a security guard, is also constantly monitored by an off-site specialist enabling LCB to deliver maximum security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Vinotheque is a Grade II listed building constructed in the late 19th Century with metre-thick walls. This substantial foundation was built upon with the addition of a one million pound air conditioning system, described as unique within Europe and the most advanced air conditioning system within a warehouse. Together they create the perfect controlled environment for the long term storage and maturation of fine wine.

In addition to the bricks, mortar and hardware within, all staff at LCB Vinotheque are enrolled on to the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 course in order to increase thier expertise and enthusiasm for the role. Some members of staff have continued to expand thier knowledge and pursued this to diploma level – so with staff this knowledgeable and and professional, you can be sure your wine is in good hands.

Vinotheque provides the ideal storage conditons for fine wines. Temperature and humidity are maintained at a constant, suitable level with light and disturbance also kept to a minimum. The physical condition of stock is one of the biggest influences on a wine’s value, so it’s very important to ensure that variables such as temerature, humidity, light and vibration are kept under strict control and continuously monitored. Vinotheque also has a purpose-built photographic studio to provide full condition reports, including bottle/case photographs and fill-level assessment. Such reports are available on request and can help with the sale of your stock should the buyer have any questions regarding condition.

Vinotheque has also been a recipient on the Best Supply Chain Innovation Award in recognition of the investments they have made to create the perfect environment for fine wine maturation. The warehouse is linked in to London City Bond’s national transport network and through Cult & Boutique your wines are fully insured, both whilst in storage and in transit. LCB’s transport drivers are equipped with the latest EPod units which provide real-time electronic proof of delivery enabling us to track shipments to their destination and confirm safe delivery with our clients where neccessary.

We include five years of storage and insurance with every purchase you make, so you will not be asked to pay any additional storage fees until you have held your wines for longer than five years. Once your inclusive storage expires we charge annually in arrears. If you would like to sell your wine before any additiional storage fees are due, you should contact us before your inclusive storage expires allowing enough time to arrange and execute the sale of your wine. If you are unsure of timescales it would be advisable to keep in regular contact with your Portfolio Manager who will be able to discuss these matters with you and offer information specific to the wines you would like to sell.

By Spencer Leat