Historical Examples of 5 Year Hold Terms

In this series we follow five examples from multiple regions and winemakers using historic financial data from liv-ex the largest online exchange for fine wines to demonstrate the financial gains achieved within a five year period.

The fine wine market works on a supply and demand basis, every vintage is limited in production with the emphasis on quality not volume. Rarity is also influential on price performance with many of the market’s most prestigious wines proving very hard to acquire, even upon release where waiting lists are common.

Most wines have a slow start but as stock availability decreases and the wine mature we tend to see a good increase in market value. To demonstrate this we have given five examples below using historical market data taken from Liv-ex – the largest online exchange for fine wines and the most reliable source for market data.

We believe that a healthy fine wine portfolio should feature wines from various regions, producers, regions and price points – in order to protect against under-performance in any one particular area and this has been reflected in the examples below. Purchase prices range from £495 to over £25,000 allowing access for both sophisticated and modest investors.