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An Educated Palette | Raul Diaz

In this episode Daniel sits down with award-winning wine educator, sommelier and TV personality Raul Diaz. From working at Michelin star restaurants with Gary Rhodes and Michel Roux, to opening his own wine school and his new book ‘Wines & Recipes’ – Raul’s unpretentious and quirky approach to wine shines through, as well as tasting […]

Navigating Risk within the Wine Market

With ongoing financial uncertainty, the allure of the wine market’s growth and stability is leading more investors to increase their exposure to wine as an asset class.

In the recent Cult & Boutique podcast, we looked at…

Is Wine The Ideal Inflation Hedge?

The financial world is struggling to adjust to ongoing economic and political disruption, with rising inflation and recession looming. Matthew Small, Senior Portfolio Manager at Cult & Boutique, explains how the wine market has historically performed during times of economic stress and why a diversification into wine could lower exposure to risk and offer investors […]

A Walk On The Wine Side | James Walker

In this episode, we catch up with US-based hospitality mogul and influential wine lover James Walker. We hear about James’ passion for wine, favourite labels and preferred regions and learn more about the man behind the famous ‘Walker Wine Swirl’.   Follow James Walker: Instagram: https://twitter.com/jwalkermobile Twitter: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jwalkermo… LinkedIn: https://www.instagram.com/j.walkermob… TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jwalkermobile

Finding Growth in a Bear Market

The economy is on the cusp of recession, being battered by high inflation, rising interest rates, low economic growth, a cost-of-living crisis and geopolitical instability. The markets as a result have suffered with the S&P 500 realising the worst H1 in 40 years a…

The Wine Independent | Lisa Perrotti-Brown

In this episode, Daniel speaks with world-renowned wine critic Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW. Along with her wealth of experience in the wine trade, Lisa talks about the Napa Valley, becoming a Master of Wine and her time working alongside Robert Parker Junior at his Wine Advocate publication.

Q1 2022 Performance Review

Throughout 2021 the wine market shone, setting new records for trade and pushing the market’s leading indices to reach new heights with month after month of consecutive growth.  And 2022 began right where 2021 left off, given a helping hand from a solid 2020 Burgundy vintage. The market did begin to show signs of a […]

Looking Back At 2021

  2021 was the strongest trading period that the wine market has ever seen.  The market’s benchmark index gained 2.6% in December alone to close out the year 23% up.  This set the wine market’s performance above that of many of the world’s stock markets, such as the Dow Jones Industrial and Nasdaq which grew […]

Q3 2021 Performance Review

2021 has proven to be a great year for the fine wine market, and the third quarter has been no exception. September was a rough month for equities as the end of the third quarter neared.  The S&P 500 suffered its worst month since the start of the pandemic to close 4.8% down.  This was […]