Liv-Ex Fine Wine 100 Index
  • “With an excellent vintage, you can expect price growth to last at least ten years after bottling. So be prepared to invest for the medium or long-term.”, August 2013
  • “While the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 Index of top Bordeaux wines has risen 3 percent since the start of 2013, gains came mainly in the first 10 weeks of the year, with prices sliding since mid-March. A muted response to the Bordeaux 2012 wine futures sales campaign has focused demand on some other vintages.”

    Bloomberg – August 2013
  • “Not only are savers struggling for a way to grow their money, but stock markets are also volatile and that makes investing in alternative and tangible assets look attractive. One such option is wine.”, August 2013
  • “We are moving from wine as ‘noble agriculture’ to ‘luxury goods’- whether you like the words or not”

    Arnaud de Laforcade, Château Cheval Blanc (LVMH) CFO
  • “Investors have been turning to alternative assets such as fine wine in recent months to diversify their portfolios and hedge against the threat of inflation”

    Financial Times, June 2013